Rue de l'Ecole Moderne, 17
B-1070 Bruxelles

A home which is also a gallery - a gallery which is also a home.

This is THE GALLERY's and its owner's philosophy.Konrad
Kern moved from Cologne to Brussels, where he opened his
first shop in 1994. After nine years, in 2003 he took a very
special decision to combine gallery and residence, work and
private life in one big space where he exhibits and lives at the
same time.

The furnishing therefore is no longer just a series of collection
items to be put on show in a glass-case - an imaginary itinerary
which appeals to the collector but deprives them of their
original function reducing them to museum exhibits. It becomes
a combination of elements which create a living and constantly
evolving domestic environment. Visitors are no longer
anonymous passers-by but friends who are welcomed in a
family environment where they can recognize and share the
patterns of their daily life and passion as a collector.